Development & Management – Real Estate Project

Development & Management – Real Estate Project

In recent times, the nature of real estate management has drastically evolved and to manage the operations entirely has become a tedious task. This is where we come into the picture. We offer a 360 degree service to our clients; laying emphasis on their specific needs. We are never hesitant to adapt to suit our customers’ needs, thus building a comfortable and consumer friendly environment for them.

In real estate, it is not possible for a single promoter to manage all the aspects of the project efficiently, especially when it is a small or medium enterprise. Many a times, an individual has space for the work site as well as funds to execute the project but lacks expertise or vice versa. At times, a project gets stuck half way through, due to bad cash flow management or maybe the builder has a couple of projects under execution and lacks the bandwidth to execute another project. Managing all the operations sometimes isn’t possible for the promoters and hence we undertake this task for the smooth running of affairs.

The processes that are required in a real estate project are listed below-

Conceptualisation of Project-

Planning of the project, product/flat sizes & configuration, appointment of consultants & defining amenities. With this, finance related queries such as cost of the project, total revenue & usage of financial management tools is also undertaken.

Execution Plan-

This involves the usage of financial management tools to meet the financial requirements of the project, for on time completion of the project. It also involves the appointment of contractors and other related agencies.

Approvals and drawings-

Under this, coordination with the architect in relation to all approvals required from the local authorities, preparation of GFC Drawings, presentation drawings and finalising the blueprint of the project is covered.

Marketing & Sales-

The preparation of the required marketing collaterals, marketing and sales plan, and the appointment of sales persons are undertaken. It also involves the execution of marketing and sales activity.


This involves the completion of construction of the building/s under the expertise of the contractor/s.

Handing over and completion-

The final step involves handing over the completed project to the customer, formation of society and transfer of the land and building to the society.

We cater to all of the aforementioned needs and a lot more, making development of your real estate business easy.