Lead nurturing is the most crucial activity in the entire process of marketing and sales. This pre-sales process requires professional real estate call center services, trained to perform in line with their key result area. Lead generation is only the first step. Our tried & tested call center solution for real estate takes things further by timely contacting the leads generated & successfully converting them to prospects.

While our real estate outbound call center is continuously prospecting & is engaged in cold calling services, our real estate inbound call center is well equipped to successfully convert the hot leads. Conversion of lead is achieved once the lead has been successfully convinced for a site visit by our telemarketing services for real estate.

Getting the lead to visit the site via telemarketing requires expertise & experience in the field. It requires a knowhow of the appropriate time within which the lead should be contacted; classifying the lead as cold, warm or hot lead & pitching accordingly; & most importantly efficient follow-up for an effective result.

In real estate, if you want more sales, you need maximum site visits. That is possible only with a well trained & experienced call center service that knows how to nurture the lead. This area needs to be given its due attention, if more real estate sales are required within a relatively short span of time. Our outbound & inbound call center service team is highly experienced & is aware of how to steer the conversation & change the pitch in response to the lead’s reactions, such that the lead is made to visit the site at least once. Thereafter the on-site sales team takes over.

Based on the telephonic conversation with the call center executive & his convincing abilities, the lead creates a mental picture of what he or she can expect on the site. Hence, it is essential for the telemarketer to pitch appropriately to ensure maximum site visits for the real estate project.

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Interested In Working With Us, Get In Touch